Social Coding supports government efforts to combat COVID-19

Our Impact In Numbers

High school learners

Taught programming skills


Training per beneficiary

Training Sessions

Across South Africa

Black females

Between the ages 16-25


Software development


Leadership development

Our Areas of Impact

Type of Skills

At Social Coding, we meticulously measure and analyse our impact to identify what works and what doesn’t – so that we can focus on high return activities, and minimise the effort in low impact initiatives.

Knowledge-based Skills

We like to focus on imparting digital skills which we consider are a better impact strategy. Skills can generate income, breaking any possibility of creating a donor dependency scenario: a challenge a lot of community-driven programs end up suffering from.


Recognising that one of the important aspects of future skills is balancing between knowledge based, or hard skills, and attributes or soft skills. We blend our learning to deliver a mix of the two as they are the recommended approach to deliver maximum impact.

Community effort

At Social Coding, we believe in accounting for our efforts in a transparent and quantifiable manner. Our efforts are designed to target key performance indicators that we hope can transform a community’s future. We split our impact assessment by demographics, and by program design.

COVID-19 Social Coding Notice

Social Coding supports efforts to limit the impact of COVID-19. We recommend keeping up to date with official information sources.