Our Work

Data Driven Impact

As Advocates of Sustainable Philanthropy, our mission is to consult, advise and implement strategy in corporate supported communities by hosting workshops that provide digital tools to the rural community.

We know that creating change in communities takes three steps:


Learning digital skills such as computer familiarisation, robotics, block chain and innovative entrepreneurship are fundamental in preparing rural communities for the future. Our training workshops are geared at passing on information that can translate to opportunity or additional income for our participants.


Pairing our beneficiaries with a n experienced facilitator who guides them through the course material in the program and outside of the program, with one on one coaching.


Helping them use the skills they learn in real life academic and entrepreneurial situations, ensuring they use their skill to better their lives.

For children living in rural communities, opportunities to become STEM professionals and create innovative solutions to problems are often limited because of

geographical isolation, socioeconomic disadvantage, and in many cases, language barriers.

Therefore, in our programs, every student, regardless of where they are from, receive the schooling, mentorship, and leadership training in digital education such as coding and robotics, they need to have power over their life outcomes, as well as to fight the injustices around them.

Our programs include the following:

– Pre and Post Assessments to measure progress

– Computer Familiarization

– Entrepreneurship

– Robotics

– Design thinking

– Web development

– Mobile App Development

– FinTech (Mobile Saving)

– Business Models and Fundraising

– Pitch Presentations


As of 2019 We have 2985 Scholars in Gauteng, Limpopo, North-West and the Eastern Cap attending Social Coding Workshops. We measure our impact by pre and post assessment tests that the scholars write every three months, so that we can document progress. All our scholars have shown a minimum of 25% increase in their maths and science scores.

In 2018 Our Gauteng Cell won both District and Provincial Competitions for their app, Tech Timer.

It was a productivity app that encourages high school students to study through a merit system that rewards them for hours spent studying. We hosted an annual hackathon that saw us award 20 students with scholarships to attend a university of their choice.

Scholar Program

Through our partnership with BOIKGANTSHO CONSULTING , we provide scholarships to scholars who will be next-generation high school graduates whose Focus is STEM related fields.

We support programs that include mentorship, extracurricular activities, sex education, life skills training, and sometimes even a dormitory—everything that sets a scholar up for success outside the classroom.