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A digital future


Our Goal.

to use our training platforms to increase
economic outputs by 35%, across households in African

Our Work

The work of Social Coding in support of rural development is based on the idea that rural tech-education and its potential for development is deeply connected with the problems of poverty in rural communities. This doesn’t mean that we think urban education is not so connected. It’s just that the relative scarcity of resources (and in some cases the desolation and poverty of rural communities) seriously limits the developmental possibilities that might be achieved through digital education. That’s why we have dedicated our time and focus to strictly rural upliftment.

What makes us different

We Partner Local

Prior to the beginning of a project, 45% of Social Coding’s support staff members are employed from the community in which we work – because no one understands a community better than the people who live there.

We’re religious about data collection

At Social Coding, we meticulously measure and analyse our impact to identify what works and what doesn’t – so that we can focus on high return activities, and minimise the effort in low impact initiatives.

Long term impact

We like to focus on imparting digital skills which we consider are a better impact strategy. Skills can generate income, breaking any possibility of creating a donor dependency scenario: a challenge a lot of community-driven programs end up suffering from.

Our Focus

Our services include, but are not limited to:
-Providing comprehensive, simple-to-understand digital training to young black people between the ages of 14 – 34, to help them either excel academically, pursue a degree in ICT or start innovative businesses.
-Placing black university ICT students in jobs and internship with our partner companies.
-Working with Private and Public sector to advise and help shape policy on sustainable corporate giving, through consulting and project management.

COVID-19 Social Coding Notice

Social Coding supports efforts to limit the impact of COVID-19. We recommend keeping up to date with official information sources.