We are investing in tomorrow’s communities today…

Help Social Coding fight the impact of COVID-19 in rural communities.

Code lab
Expose rural Communities to technology through Digital familiarization workshops that help the better understand, relate and think critical about technology and innovation could better their lives.
Social Coding Background
Equip local members with digital
skills and knowledge through training programs
that focuses on teaching them real-life
technology application in their school
and businesses.

Empower these community members
By connecting them with opportunities,
Infrastructure support and financing
So they can use their newly found
Digital skill set to derive a sustainable

“Of all the educational tools that are used to push people to a more sustainable livelihood, unequal access to technology education is the most damaging in most cases, because it prevents rural communities from being inspired to innovate the way they learn and do business”

Why Our Training is Impactful

We Partner Local

Prior to the beginning of a project, 45% of Social Coding’s support staff members are employed from the community in which they work – because no one understands a community better than the people who live there.

We’re Religious about Data Collection

Social Coding meticulously measures and analyzes our impact to identify what works and what doesn’t, – so we can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Our Investment reaps benefits long after we’ve gone

You know the saying teach a man to fish and he’ll fish the rest of his days? Yeah well in this case we’re not giving fish- we’re giving digital skills that will empower community members long after our training programs come to an end.