Helping rural communities leverage technology for a better future…


Our COVID-19 Response Fund is dedicated to providing emergency access to education for learners in remote areas. Your gift will fund a digital care package that includes tablets with pre-downloaded STEM activities, a mask, hand sanitizer, bottled water, and other academic necessities that will help the learners have an education, as we fight this pandemic.

Make an impact by contributing to the response fund.

Our Mission

Code lab
Expose rural Communities to technology through Digital familiarization workshops that help the better understand, relate and think critical about technology and innovation could better their lives.

Social Coding Background
Equip local members with digital skills and knowledge through training programs that focuses on teaching them real-life technology application in their school and businesses.
Empower these community members By connecting them with opportunities, Infrastructure support and financing So they can use their newly found Digital skill set to derive a sustainable Livelihood.

“Of all the educational tools that are used to push people to a more sustainable livelihood, unequal access to technology education is the most damaging in most cases, because it prevents rural communities from being inspired to innovate the way they learn and do business.”

– Thembiso Magajana, CEO and co-founder

Why Our Training is Impactful